Vessel Return Program

Earn credits towards your next purchase

Recycle & Reuse

If you're in the Vancouver area and are finding that you simply have more used Rural Candle vessels than you can repurpose at home, bring them back to us and we will happily clean and re-use them for our next batch of candles.

For each Rural Candle vessel you bring back, we offer a $1.00 credit for you to use on your next purchase with us. Vessels must have the original labels still attached and they don't need to be cleaned before returning to us, we will do that for you!

What we do matters.

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Sustainability is an important guiding principle for our business, and by helping to create opportunities for just a little bit more of a circular economy, we hope to make a difference in reducing our environmental footprint.

To participate in our Vessel Return Program, contact us at for more details and drop-off arrangements.