About Soy Wax

~ The Joy of Soy ~

Soybean wax is produced from a natural product, soybeans
Burns extra clean
Less soot to no soot, with proper wick maintenance
Renewable resources, grown right here in the U.S.
Completely biodegradable
Burns up to 25% longer
Soybean wax helps the American farm economy

Support our American farmers…and a clean environment!

~ General Candle Rules ~

* Before burning, remove and discard packaging. This includes any bows, ribbons, and hang tags.
* Keep burning candles within your sight at all times.
*Never leave a candle unattended.
* Keep burning candles away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and pets.
* Keep wicks trimmed 1/4 at all times.
* Trim wicks carefully as natural wicks tend to be more delicate. Occasionally you may notice your wick bends to one side, this is normal and will usually even out.
* Only burn candles in or on heat and fire resistant surfaces.
* Keep wick centered at all times..
* Place your candle in an area free from drafts.
* To eliminate smoking after extinguishing, use a wick dipper or snuffer.. if not available use a device to bend the wick over in the wax . This will put the candle out without all the smoking..